America Voice to Start Selling H2O Products!

12/12/2019 07:52 PM • Press release
America Voice and H2O, the non-contract wireless service operator, have joined as of December 1, eager to offer their customers a new option to top up their H2O plans through and America Voice App for Android & IOS. With this union, one of the largest and most trusted suppliers in the United States expands its network of retailers as America Voice has more than 5,000 charging points across the United States, mainly in cities with high percentages of Hispanics that add up to nearly 59 million today. America Voice increases the portfolio of telephone operators it works with to provide the most important options in the Online Refill or International Refill markets from the United States to the rest of the world. H2O end users now have more options than ever before to recharge their plan quickly and securely with America Voice.