Celebrating 14 years with you!

03/04/2021 03:03 PM • Press release

In 2007 the dream of America Voice was born, in order to connect our migrant friends in the United States with their families around the world. Today, 14 years later, we can say that we have achieved that dream and we can celebrate together this success that belongs to everyone. Through the years, America Voice has always strived to provide exceptional service at an affordable cost to all of our customers and friends. With a damaged economy and battered by the current situation, our commitment has always been to serve you and reach where our clients are, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of connecting them with their families inside and outside the United States.

In 2021 we are more committed than ever, and we reinforce our loyalty by developing new services and solutions to be that ally that solves the latent need to communicate and get closer to our families, bringing joy and tranquility at all times to any destination in the world.”