VPS Cloud Hosting

10/11/2018 08:05 PM • Press release

Secure IP is pleased to announce its new service offering – VPS Cloud Hosting. Consisting of a fully meshed, redundant network utilizing BGP technology and supported by a wide selection of Tier 1 backbone providers. It is supplemented by Secure IP’s peering network, which is composed of direct peering arrangements with all the major providers.

The carriers were carefully selected on the basis of the fastest, most reliable and robust global networks. These network providers are the very best in the industry and have been used by Secure IP to handle its voice business traffic for over a decade. Using Secure IP’s proprietary online portal, customers can configure and scale their services as well as access detailed billing information. Now adding CPUs, increasing memory, or augmenting bandwidth can be done quickly and easily online.

Secure IP VPS Hosting Highlights:

  • Built for Fast, Reliable Performance at a Great Price
  • Fast and Easy Scalability the Moment You Need It
  • Real-time Monitoring and 100% Uptime Guarantee That Your Business Stays Running
  • Fast, Scalable and Secure
  • Guaranteed Availability and Reliability
A Seamless Experience with Complete Security for Peace of Mind