LOCK BACKUP safely and securely stores your texts, call registry, contacts, pictures, videos and documents saved in your phone. Available for Androids. Data Backup can be configured automatically or manually and conveniently stores all your data safely in the cloud.

VPS Cloud Hosting

Our network is fully meshed, using BGP, and redundant with a wide selection of backbone providers. We took care in choosing our carriers; our research proved them to be some of the fastest and most reliable networks, resulting in us utilizing some of the largest carriers in the world, like Level3, Cogent.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate provides security to your website visitor, it´s a way to tell your customers that your site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal information. Our Certificates are available in a variety of options designed to fulfill your needs. Whether you need a WildCard SSL certificate for multiple sub-domains, a Certificate of Unified Communications or any other.